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Val Hever

Val Hever Blinds

Since launching back in 2005, Val Hever Blinds has gone from strength to strength; establishing itself now as an award-winning interior business with a strong reputation.

The company was founded by business owner Val Hever. Val worked under some of the biggest names in interior decorating and after ten years learning the ins and outs of the trade, left to launch his very own blinds company with his wife. This was the beginning of Val Hever Blinds, and it all began as a simple market stall.

 “Taking the market stall was one of the best decisions we ever made as it brought in a lot of customers in the early years of the business. So much so that we were growing enough to open our first showroom just two years in.”

It wasn’t long until Val Hever Blinds then took on a partnership with a local interior designer; who lead the business to both a much larger client base, and the move into a new, professional showroom.

“If someone had told me two years ago that we would be in this position, I wouldn’t have believed them,” says Val. “Business has just shot through the roof over the past 18 months! It’s gone far better than we thought it would and earlier this year, we really found ourselves growing too fast to keep up.”

Val needed to access some additional business finance to support his growth and stabilise cashflow, so he began speaking with his bank. Over the years, they had offered him overdraft facilities when he hadn’t needed them; but now, as the need came, they just weren’t willing to help.

​“The banks wouldn’t work with us, so I thought I’d look into alternative finance. That’s when I came across Worldpay Business Finance and as it took repayment based on a percentage of our card takings, it just worked so well.”

“It’s not that we struggle to make targets, but it’s helpful that the funding works with our peaks and troughs. So if we’re quiet we don’t have to pay back a lot; but if we’re busy - as we’re coming up to now - we take more card payments and can pay off our advance quickly.”

With his advances, Val has been able to continue working on the “astronomical” growth of Val Hever Blinds without the strain of a traditional loan or the worry of developing too fast.

“Worldpay Business Finance really helped us our at a crucial time. And I wouldn’t hesitate to come back.”

“Worldpay Business Finance really helped us our at a crucial time. And I wouldn’t hesitate to come back.”