Worldpay Business Finance

  • With a business cash advance, everything is refreshingly flexible and transparent. You simply pay back an agreed percentage of your future credit card or debit card takings, meaning you only have to pay back when your customers pay you.

Tailored for Small Business

  • Just one call and you can have a bespoke quote in minutes.
  • An advance is not secured against your property or assets
  • No hidden fees, late charges, penalties legal or account set up costs
  • Over 70% of applications are approved. Once approved, you could have the money within days
  • Exclusive rates only available to Worldpay customers, all backed up by a Price Promise, so you're guaranteed the best value in the market
  • You pay via an agreed percentage of your card sales in line with your cashflow

Take your business forward
with a new, flexible form of finance

Exclusive rate and a price promise

We’ve teamed up with Liberis, one of the UK’s leading business cash advance providers, which means this funding can be offered at exclusive rates available only to Worldpay customers like you. They’ve been providing this service since 2007, funded thousands of businesses and are also including  a price promise, so you’re guaranteed the best value in the market.

Anytime, anywhere, for any purpose

The advance is there for you to spend on whatever your business needs – from buying stock and purchasing new equipment through to refurbishments or expansion. It’s entirely up to you.

Here's an example of how it works

Remember no one company has the same income or needs so costs will be different for every business

Example Customer:

Advance Required: £10,000  (the amount received)

Total Amount Payable: £13,000  (£10,000 you receive, plus £3,000 cost of finance)

Payment Percentage: 20% of card takings


If card takings in this example average £10,000 per month, an average of £2,000 will be paid back per month, meaning the total advance will be paid back in around 7 months.

A simple cost agreed upfront that you pay back in line with your income

Only pay back when your customers pay you

Unlike traditional finance, this is a product tailored to the way your business operates.

Understanding cash flow is critical, so fixed repayments and APRs just don’t work for every business. We know your time is best spent running your business, not creating business plans and jumping through hoops.

It’s as simple as that, borrow between £4k to £300k for your business.
There’s no fees, hidden charges and the payment is hassle free as you pay back via card terminal transactions.

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