Emma Rees


The height of the 2008 recession might not have seemed like the best time to found a business but Emma Rees was determined to beat the odds. Fresh out of university and faced with a collapsing job market, she took the plunge and founded Uniform2Go, an affordable school uniform supplier.

The company became a firm favourite of parents across Wales, thanks to its blend of high-quality garments and affordable prices. Unform2Go’s ability to embroider a huge variety of school logos in-house gave them the important flexibility that soon saw them expand their customer-base across the UK.

With business booming, Emma realised that she simply didn’t have the stock to meet customer demand. To meet one particularly large order from a comprehensive school she needed a quick injection of funds to cover the upfront cost. She initially looked to business banking to help, but found their process cumbersome and frustrating.

“We found it really difficult to be able to get an appointment with the bank and felt like we were on the phone for ages. Business banking managers are constantly changing and then you need to make an appointment every time you want to see someone…when you need funding quickly, it’s a lengthy process to go through!”

Faced with the prospect of losing a valuable contract, Emma sought a quicker, more flexible solution. That’s when she realised she could apply for Worldpay Business Finance.

" Funding with Worldpay Business Finance was a quick initial phone call with a dedicated advisor and they go through everything with you."

“Funding with Worldpay Business Finance was a quick initial phone call with a dedicated advisor and they go through everything with you. It was a very very quick process: I think I received funding from start to finish within 3 – 4 working days”

With the funding secured, Uniform2Go was able to meet the order and saw a brilliant return on investment. They were able to increase profits by 20% and secured a valuable long term client that they would have otherwise been forced to turn away.

It wasn’t just the funding that was flexible: Uniform2Go was able to make payments that perfectly suited their cash flow. Each month, Worldpay Business Finance took a small percentage of their card takings, allowing them to pay at a rate that they could afford. As a seasonal business not having to deal with the constant pressure of fixed monthly payments was a big benefit.

Since then Uniform2Go has continued to use Worldpay Business Finance to grow their business and Emma couldn’t be happier. “It’s been perfect start to finish, and we’ll definitely look to use them again in the future”

"Rather than worrying about paying back a fixed percentage every month, it tracked our sales and was perfect for the business we are in."