Hannah Woodgate

Hannah Woodgates Hair Design ​

Over the past 18 months, Hannah Woodgate’s hair salon has grown phenomenally as she has expanded from a one-woman business now into the “biggest salon in town”.

”I used to be a hair stylist at another nearby salon, and I was there for 7 years. But I 100% knew I always wanted to own my own business so, last March, that’s exactly what I left to do. I started off with one little shop in the arcade. It was just me – no receptionist! But I got the best that I could get; really nice equipment and chairs, to make the space really cute and lovely. Within a few months, one of my old stylists came to work with me.”

“We live in such a small town, and the other salons around can be seen as a bit dated, so a lot of younger people were now coming to me. I never advertised at the beginning, or even had my own website. But I just put pictures up on Facebook and Instagram and it was such a powerful tool. Our stockists started sharing my work, and it just spread. Six months from opening and we had doubled in size! And within another six months, and we’d taken on pretty much everyone from my previous salon.”

It was a great way to grow the business. I would much rather pay something off quickly, and we take so much on card anyway, the amount just went! It is literally the easiest thing.

To accommodate her growing staff and increasing customer demand, Hannah needed to expand her business into the empty shop space next door. To do this, she needed to source additional business finance to support the renovations.

“I had chosen Worldpay as our card processor because to me it was the best-known brand, and the most trusted. So when I got a letter from them saying that they had partnered up with Liberis, and that they could offer us funding, I phoned them up and found out that the repayments come off automatically through our card payments too.”

Through Worldpay Business Finance’s Business Cash Advance, Hannah could not only access the funding she needed to grow the business, but also a repayment schedule that worked in line with her cashflow.

​“We’re now the most popular in my town. It could be an option to expand further, and I will definitely be extending again for sure. In this space, there’s not much more I can do now so we could go elsewhere and Worldpay could help us out with that move.”

“We’re now the most popular in my town. It could be an option to expand further, and I will definitely be extending again for sure.”